Empowerment Consulting

A powerful tool and very versatile. Work with us on organisational structure, concepts and resources and sharpen your profile. Associations, individual companies or limited liability companies in Germany receive 50% funding. Already successful in other sectors, we are now increasingly working in social and educational companies.

Quickstart digital

We build on the professionalism of your teachers and with targeted instruction and smart equipment, we get you quickly to work with virtual classrooms. We provide support in initial equipment and networking and make the steps to virtual learning easy for you.

Trainings for Professionals

We offer individual training for all areas of activity and work. Based on your current situation, we will work out the main points with you.

Career Consulting

Individual consultation possible - Competence assessment 2.0 - scientifically sound and carefully validated test procedures - Holistic and close to life - wide array of components

Education and Training Digital

Let's sharpen your profile - we integrate your existing materials and experience in a targeted manner. And with our experience in many learning worlds and systems, we will work with you on the right mix of face-to-face learning, digital support, learning success monitoring, feedback systems and media.


As an experienced partner, we can help you when your company is in deep water. Sometimes a change of generation or management goes hand in hand with a general restructuring. With our approach from systemic organisational development, we find the right approach for your situation.

Experience and Approaches

Corona-Help: From now on we offer all consultations, moderations & workshops also online!


The initiator and founder of this additional offer of Management Transfair, Mario Radomski, has broad experience in the field of education and especially vocational training at almost all levels.

- at the system level of vocational training in the on-site consultation of the Ministry of Education in Georgia on the introduction of dual vocational training,

- at the organizational level as a human resources manager for training and further education in a large corporation,

- at the advisory level internationally as a consultant for vocational training in the field of vocational pedagogy, school management and e-learning,

- at the practical level in schools and universities, many years of experience in the training of practical instructors in nursing, nursing service managers and directors, lecturer at the Hamburg Fernhochschule Also experienced in management training in the fields of communication, personnel recruitment, assessments, project management and business administration at many well-known educational institutions in Germany.

- and very early in the field of instruction as a group leader in workshops for the disabled.

We are also active in other industries. But here we focus this offer on education and social enterprises.


At Management TransFair, current methods and trends from research and science collide with more than twenty years of expertise and experience in dealing with individual personalities or organizations.

What sounds like a stark contrast actually, fits together here and complements each other in a special way.

The focus is on people, the organisational environment and development opportunities.

Consultation, courses, seminars and trainings should always be closely related to the specific living and working environment.

Only in this way can insights be implemented and experienced in everyday life. The first step is to find out exactly what you want and what you need,

in a second step it is about learning and trying out new behaviour patterns or developed structures. For this purpose we combine different methods.

Our approaches are thus based on the philosophy of organisational development.

We support in the following areas:

Fields of experience and competence

The actual core business? What are you particularly good at as an organization? Which areas need to be sharpened?


Securing financial resources. Also calculation and modulation on the way to the introduction of own payment offers. Integration of booking systems.

Organization and Quality

Participation-oriented development or optimization of your organizational system. Check up of resources, services, controlling up to the definition of processes and algorithms for implementation.

Customer acquisition

Developing a strategy and the procedure to find a suitable access to your target group with the right means.

Human Resources

From personnel selection, personnel development using competence profiles to a possible outplacement strategy. We support you reliably.

Health & Insurance

Through cooperations we can offer you, under certain circumstances, favourable and suitable solutions for health management and insurance.


Evaluate uncertainties in setting up the appropriate infrastructure for your company size and orientation and introduce optimizations.


Analyses and development of how current and future information is handled and how it is communicated with each other and across departments.

Mission Statement Development

Developing a corporate mission statement can take a lot of time and effort. The process of developing a mission statement, however, offers many opportunities that can facilitate future changes.


How should your employees be managed and how do the employees themselves classify the management?

Partners and stakeholders

Securing cooperation through strategy work and a coordinated approach.

Customers and students

How do we see our customers/trainees, how do we deal with them?


Please contact us.

About us

We are a small creative team, specialized in the field of education - especially vocational training on almost all levels.


We are committed to supporting schools, educational institutions and especially teachers and trainers so that they can prepare the next generations for their future tasks in a motivating learning environment.

Academy4u - VET-Germany

A brand of Management TransFair

Mario Radomski
Schlieffenstr. 51, D-42329 Wuppertal
Mo-Fr: 10.00 - 18.00


Distant University launches online survey Teaching and learning in the corona crisis

Department of Empirical Educational Research of the FernUniversität in Hagen starts a study on digital teaching at general schools and universities in the Corona crisis. "The most important basis is the establishment of the professional work alliance, i.e. the contact and exchange between teachers and learners. Will teachers at universities and schools succeed in creating a sustainable work alliance despite changing conditions," asks project leader Prof. Julia Schütz. We invite you to take part in the online survey at https://umfrage.fernuni-hagen.de/v3/959839 The study deals with the experiences and assessments of the pedagogical actors. Therefore, all teachers at general schools and universities can participate. Participation is possible from now until the beginning of May.

Consulting for schools on the introduction of their own solutions

School counseling

Consulting for schools on the introduction of their own solutions

Setting up virtual classrooms

Learning with the possibility of exchange with trainers and teachers - like in the classroom - whenever it is useful or necessary in the course of the training.


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