Blended Learning

Digitally available texts, presentations, texts and films always require personal consolidation with the students and networking with each other. This is why we speak of blended learning today. The embedding of a wiki like the Pflegewiki is certainly one component, the filming of content, scripts as PDF or Powerpoint for downloading another. These are obvious solutions.

And with regard to our clientele in training, we cannot do without strong feedback systems; consultation hours, reflections and learning assessments must also be made available. We make this possible with closed conference systems in accordance with the current data protection standard.

Let us advise and accompany you. We will find smart and suitable solutions for your house

Webinars - solutions

The only right tool does not exist. No application fits all fields of application. The right tool depends on the problem to be solved. Therefore, I have described three application cases here and recommended a solution for them.

  • Application case 1: Work and team discussions (up to 4 participants)
  • Application case 2: Large teams (up to 12 participants)
  • Application case 3: Webinars (up to 100 participants)

In the first case, you can safely experiment with the hints below directly yourself. You can also work with Skype here.

In the other two cases, we mention below the technical background and our support possibilities. Prices refer only to the use of the Internet platform.

  • Application case 1: Work and team discussions (up to 4 participants)

You mainly want to use smaller work and team discussions with up to 4 participants in web meetings? Then you are in the right place.

Our recommendation: talky

Just go to the homepage and get started. It couldn't be any easier!

(March 2020)

  • Application case 2: Large teams (up to 12 participants)

You are looking for a high-performance and secure online conferencing solution from Germany? With blizz you get an attractive video conferencing system from TeamViewer.


With its own app, blizz not only offers video conferencing, teleconferencing and screen sharing, but also enables file sharing and other functions that are useful in a professional context.

costs per account per month from 6 Euro.

A free account is possible, but this allows a maximum of 5 participants per meeting.

(March 2020)

  • Application case 3: Webinars (up to 100 participants)

You can also directly cover all the above cases with the solution mentioned here, if you want to work with additional webinars/virtual classrooms.

The current standard for webinars is Zoom. The U-labs of Otto Scharmer run over it, as do many other webinars. We like to move on safe ground in accordance with data protection laws and attach importance to more comfort for hardly any more money.

Our recommendation therefore: GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar

A stable and proven solution. Includes supporting functions for managing users and and and and ... Ideal companion for large webinars.

From Citrix and therefore with optional integration in Podio. Offers drawing tools and whiteboards as a web conference system.

up to 150 participants for 12,50 Euro per month. More participants possible for an additional charge.

(as of March 2020)


What should the entry into the digital educational world look like, especially for the therapeutic professions?

Will tasks at home via learning platforms also become a permanent feature after Corona? What will everyday school life look like in the digital world of education then?

This all goes in the direction of an increased self-learning of the students. And this is exactly what we cannot demand from our target group at health schools. What we are looking for are solutions that support problem-oriented learning. We give a problem case from practice and the student works on the independent solution. This is often confused with pure self-learning. With guiding texts, structured tasks or specifically named sources of information, the independent development can be supported.

At least work assignments with a guiding text character will ensure that the students are supported in self-directed learning. However, problem-oriented learning is always embedded in tutorial support.

And what is often ignored when it comes to online learning - learning in groups or in a learning association - must continue to play a major role.

What is also planned in real classroom life, also working with portfolios or or, can get a place in the digital world. But also fertilization in reverse is possible. Allow yourself and your colleagues a break with a day of training and reflection. We are happy to be part of it.


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Distant University launches online survey Teaching and learning in the corona crisis

Department of Empirical Educational Research of the FernUniversität in Hagen starts a study on digital teaching at general schools and universities in the Corona crisis. "The most important basis is the establishment of the professional work alliance, i.e. the contact and exchange between teachers and learners. Will teachers at universities and schools succeed in creating a sustainable work alliance despite changing conditions," asks project leader Prof. Julia Schütz. We invite you to take part in the online survey at The study deals with the experiences and assessments of the pedagogical actors. Therefore, all teachers at general schools and universities can participate. Participation is possible from now until the beginning of May.

Consulting for schools on the introduction of their own solutions

School counseling

Consulting for schools on the introduction of their own solutions

Setting up virtual classrooms

Learning with the possibility of exchange with trainers and teachers - like in the classroom - whenever it is useful or necessary in the course of the training.


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