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Vocational schools need a clear profile. Find out what already distinguishes you as an organisation in your work. An adapted curriculum design and motivating learning environments also highlight your position and unique selling points.

The work of the vocational schools is good. The graduates are welcome in practice.


In addition to the key sectors of construction and automotive engineering, however, the healthcare sector is growing enormously. Positive changes in income are already foreseeable in the medium term.

With its strong practical relevance and the constant reflection of job-related competences, vocational training will retain its place and incentive for both school leavers and employers.

On the other hand, some also see the future of the health care professions in taking over physician-replacing activities, e.g. in diagnostics. This has already been approved for midwives, if they bring along a full course of study. In practice, as in the example of diagnostics, this flexibility is probably demanded by some of the therapists. Thankfully, academic paths are already being opened up to individual trainees in preparation for this - through cooperation with universities. The possibilities of interlocking and coordination can be used even more. The demand for personnel with an academic degree will slowly increase. On the other hand, the nursing and physiotherapy fields are already being reported as occupations in short supply in their status quo. The work of the vocational schools will not lose any of its importance in the long term.

The work on a clear profile of your vocational schools can thus be in the foreground.

With an adapted curriculum design and a motivating learning environment, you too can highlight your position and unique selling points.


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We are a small creative team, specialized in the field of education - especially vocational training on almost all levels.


We are committed to supporting schools, educational institutions and especially teachers and trainers so that they can prepare the next generations for their future tasks in a motivating learning environment.

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Distant University launches online survey Teaching and learning in the corona crisis

Department of Empirical Educational Research of the FernUniversität in Hagen starts a study on digital teaching at general schools and universities in the Corona crisis. "The most important basis is the establishment of the professional work alliance, i.e. the contact and exchange between teachers and learners. Will teachers at universities and schools succeed in creating a sustainable work alliance despite changing conditions," asks project leader Prof. Julia Schütz. We invite you to take part in the online survey at The study deals with the experiences and assessments of the pedagogical actors. Therefore, all teachers at general schools and universities can participate. Participation is possible from now until the beginning of May.

Consulting for schools on the introduction of their own solutions

School counseling

Consulting for schools on the introduction of their own solutions

Setting up virtual classrooms

Learning with the possibility of exchange with trainers and teachers - like in the classroom - whenever it is useful or necessary in the course of the training.


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